Ms. Krishnammal Jagannathan

  • 1988
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Constructive Work

Born: June 15, 1924

Born in a dalit family. Took part in every Sarvodaya movement including Jayprakash Narayan’s Total Revolution. Dedicated whole life motivating and leading landless dalits to put up non-violent resistance for recovering their land illegally held by landlords. Established Land for Tillers' Freedom (LAFTI), an organization to implement a viable alternative viz. purchase the land from the landlords with the help of bank loans, distribute it equitably among the landless dalit and then organize them for cooperative cultivation and integrated development.

LAFTI (Land for Tillers Freedom),
Nagai District,
(Tamil Nadu) - 611 105
Tel: 04366 - 275443 / 275540
Fax: 04366 - 275540