R. Venkataraman

Mr.  R. Venkataraman

  • 1985
  • Chief Guest
R. Venkataraman was the eighth President of India. Born in the village of Rajamadam, Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu. Obtained his Master's Degree in Economics from Madras University. Qualified in Law from the Law College, Madras. Actively participated in the 'Quit India' movement of 1942. Suffered imprisonment. In 1949, founded the Labour Law Journal which publishes important decisions pertaining to labour and is an acknowledged specialist publication. Intimately associate .... Read More
T.S. Avinashilingam

Mr. T.S. Avinashilingam

  • 1985
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Constructive Work
Born in 5 May, 1903 in Tirupur, Madras. Life long contribution in the fields of basic education and integrated rural development. Founder of Shri Ramkrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Avinashilingam Home Science College, the Rural Centre, Mr. Avinashilimgam Education Trust. Was awarded Padma Bhushan. Shri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya P.O., Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641 020. Tel: 0422 - 2692676 / 2695451 / 453 Fax: 0422 - 2692582 E-mail: srkvcoe@md3.vsnl. .... Read More
Sanjit Bunker Roy

Mr. Sanjit Bunker Roy

  • 1985
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Application of Science and Technology for Rural Development
Renounced a life of comfort to undertake innovative work of introducing scientific yet simple systems and programmes to change the life of rural people of India. Founded the Social Work and Research Centre (SWRC) in Tilonia, a village in Ajmer District, Rajasthan. The Tilonia experiment to make voluntary social work more and more professionalized has earned him national and international recognition. The Social Work & Research Centre, Tilonia, Madanganj, District Ajmer, Rajastha .... Read More
Anutai Vagh

Ms. Anutai Vagh

  • 1985
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Development & Welfare of Women And Children
Founded the Gram Bal Shiksha Kendra at Bordi jointly with Tarabai Modak. The new concepts of Balwadi, Anganwadi and Kuran Shala were born out of her continuous thought process and applied work in the tribal areas of Thane District. Was President, Thane District Stree Shakti Jagruti Samiti. Started a school for poor deaf and dumb children as also a new project - “Gram Mangal” - a free school without building and classes and structured syllabus for the Warli tribes. Gram Bal Shi .... Read More