Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Constructive Work


The Award, instituted in 1978, comprises of a cash award of Rs. 10,00,000, a trophy and citation to be given annually to an individual / individuals for outstanding contribution in any one or more fields of constructive work.

For the purpose of this Award for contribution of individuals in the field of Constructive Work, which are based on Mahatma Gandhi's Constructive Programmes , the activities may cover:

  1. Rural Development
  2. Health, Hygiene and Sanitation
  3. Khadi and other Village Industries
  4. Go-Seva
  5. Prohibition
  6. Communal Unity
  7. Removal of Untouchability
  8. Dalit and Tribal Welfare
  9. Labour
  10. Upliftment of Lepers
  11. Development of Women and Welfare of Children
  12. Students and Youth
  13. Spread of Basic Education
  14. Adult Education
  15. Economic Equality
  16. Propagation of Hindi and mother tongues
  17. Strengthening Co-operative and Group Activities in Agriculture
  18. Farmers
  19. Building up Local Leadership
  20. Encouraging Local Voluntary Effort



Rules for sending Nominations for the Award for Constructive Work

  1. This Award is for individual /individuals and not for institution.
  2. Nominations received from the heads of recognized institutions and other representative bodies and/or from eminent individuals as also those sent by any of them on their own initiative, will be considered for the Awards. The term 'Institutions and other representative bodies' covers Universities, Research Bodies, Social Welfare Institutions, Khadi and Village Industries Organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, Inner Wheel and Lions Clubs, concerned Government Departments of the Centre and the States and similar bodies. The heads of these institutions or bodies-Vice-Chancellors, Presidents, Secretaries and others may send their recommendations in their individual capacity also.
  3. Nominations recommended by relatives and/or by the office bearers/members of the organization of the nominee will not be considered.
  4. Self-nominations will not be entertained.
  5. The sponsors should send factual information about the overall work pertaining to the nominees on the basis of the stated criteria.
  6. Nominations in respect of any individual who has been the recipient of any of these Awards in the past will not be entertained.
  7. The Foundation may defer or withhold conferring of the Award in any year if, in the opinion of the Council of Advisers of the Foundation, no nominee/s is/are found suitable for receiving such Award/Awards.


Criteria For Evaluation

In assessing the merits of individuals for the above Award, the overall impact and the spread of their work on Gandhian lines and the specific benefits accruing there from to the people, will be taken into account. In particular, the following will be considered: In what way and to what extent:

  1. The work done has helped the weaker sections of society including landless labour migrant labour, slum dwellers, dalits and tribes etc.
  2. It has promoted increased productivity without displacing labour
  3. It has led to fuller employment
  4. It has brought about more equitable distribution and social equality
  5. It has motivated people towards self-help and self-reliance
  6. It has provided training facilities for workers
  7. It has removed drudgery and has helped in improvement of the quality of life of the people
  8. It has encouraged participation of people/NGOs/other Government and Non-Government organizations
  9. The vision and plan of action, if any, for the future is in place

Preference will be given to those individuals who have been doing their work through an institutional set up, have fostered the spirit of team work and have developed a second line of leadership to ensure stability and continuity of the activities/projects undertaken by them.