Ms. Prasanna Bhandari

  • 2018
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Development & Welfare of Women And Children

Born: December 12, 1934

Ms. Prasanna Bhandari is the Convenor of Karni Nagar Vikas Samiti, Kota (SKNVS). As a child, she followed her father to work for a social cause in the neighbourhood and refugee camps in Kolkata. Her love for those in need started early. Mrs. Bhandari has an affinity for the most vulnerable and has nursed hundreds of such people with love and taken pride in their recovery.

Ms. Bhandari works for the cause of the deserted and relinquished infants, destitute children, distressed women and girls and the helpless old people. With a keen focus on overall development of women and children, she has been carrying out exemplary work through an array of initiatives which covers all age groups. Various centers including the Family Counseling Center, Primary School, Old Age Home and a Physiotherapy Clinic are set up to carry out various developmental activities. SKNVS runs Balgriha, Balikagriha and Shishugriha where children are helped to develop holistically. Many are settled and are living independently; of which some are associated with SKNVS activities. Rehabilitation process, counselling and skill training for women are an integral part of SKNVS’s activities. Many women have been restored to their families. Mrs. Bhandari’s concern for the old has led the Organization to provide shelter, joy and dignity to the senior citizens.

Ms. Bhandari has devoted herself to sustained and selfless voluntary service. She has initiated and uplifted the lives of the women and children with a multi-dimensional and holistic approach. With Mrs. Bhandari at the helm, the origin of her Organisation’s work can be traced with the principle of compassion towards all living beings.