Mr. Viren J. Shah

  • 2003 Governor of West Bengal, Chief Guest

There appears to be a crisis in governance. There seems to be a growing culture of intolerance and insensitivity wherever and whenever the poor and the weak raise their voices to assert their legal and Constitutional rights. Empowerment of the masses through the enforcement of their legal rights seems to be an anathema to the governing establishment cutting across the party lines. All the noble ideas and maxims enshrined in the Directive Principles of State Policy are far from being realized even after more than 50 years of the adoption of our Constitution. Where will the poor seek relief? Who would provide them succor? Or, would they be left to fend for themselves and nobody will listen to them till they take the path of destructive militancy? We have to provide an answer not only in the intellectual plane, but also in practical terms if we are to avoid the tearing as under of our social cohesion and stability.

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