Swami Ranganathananda

  • 1988 Vice President, Ramakrishna Mission, Chief Guest

We can say that sometimes the foreigners may make better use of Gandhiji than we did. There is one Cesar Chavez in America. There was a strike by Grey Pickers in the California. They wanted more salary and could not get from the owners. Chavez was the leader of the Union. He started a satyagraha. He had Gandhiji’s photo in his own office room. He fought for the labour class, using Gandhiji’s methods without any violence and a settlement came between the owners and the workers. Similarly in Europe, we had already a Frenchman who did Gandhiji’s way of living and working and became a recipient of this Award earlier. Today it is Italian and I am sure Soviet Russia is going in that direction. So whatever we have in this country, there are several things which are meant for all humanity.

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