Dr. Rani Abhay Bang

  • 2006 Recipient, Development & Welfare of Women and Children Award

I will speak about the work to be done and three major challenges are waiting. (1) Nearly half a million women and five million children die all over the world in a year and India contribute its maximum to this death toll. This is national shame. The approach developed by our organization SEARCH to empower the women to solve this problem has a potential to reduce children's death by 50%. To scale up this model approach from 100 villages to 5 lakh villages - that is a big challenge awaiting us. (2) Rani and Abhay Bang are nearly very small products of Gandhian legacy, they are too small. India is very big. The challenges are very big. New innovators, new leaders, new pioneers, need to be developed by younger generation. We have recently began a programme called "Nirman" to encourage youth to felicitate them to become the leaders of social change in the future. (3) Our third challenge is the world is entering into knowledge era. But rural and tribal people in vast tracks of India are still lagging behind and are living in pre-industrial era. We need knowledge, super harvest to bridge this digital divide, more than technology human beings are needed to bridge this gap that is big challenge.

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