Dr. Ogarit Younan

  • 2022 Recipient, International Award

For us, the story began four decades ago…To spread Non-Violence in Lebanon and in other Arab countries: it was a challenge, an adventure. Especially since we set out when we were young in 1983 in the midst of the civil war in Lebanon. Our path made its way between the war barriers that smashed the country, while we insisted on acting and going to all regions, and on more than one occasion we were exposed to the danger of death or disappearance...

The word Non-Violence is evident in its rejection of violence and its confrontation with violence. It consists in placing the NO before the word ‘violence’, and Mahatma Gandhi insisted on this, to remind us that our attitude will be definitely a No to violence, a warning to us, for every person, not to start or chose violence to solve problems and conflicts, a warning to the oppressed as well as to the oppressor. This NO is crucial to make peace and to change history.

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