Mr. Mohan Hirabai Hiralal

  • 2016 Recipient, Constructive Work Award

In terms of the spirit of the Constitution, the country means ‘we, the people’. To have the same power and prestige is everyone’s prerogative. If we believe in this axiom, we will have to follow the non-violent path of taking decisions by consensus instead of the violent path of taking decisions by majority.

Power is inherent in every human being. Its revelation needs two basic structures and one slogan. The two basic structures are:
1. Gramsabha/Mohallasabha: The primary political unit of village or Mohalla community where everyone has agreed that all decisions should be taken in the Gramsabha by consensus; and decisions are taken by the people themselves instead of delegating power to any representatives.
2. Study Circle: The study circle consisting of the villagers interested in study, where issues are discussed with the clear understanding that no decision is to be taken. So there is no reservation about the participation of outsiders.

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