Mr. Bhawani Shanker Kusum

  • 2019 Recipient, Constructive Work Award

I am wondering if I am even eligible to receive the award in the name of such great son of the country, Sri Jamnalalji Bajaj. I offer my most respectful regards to his dignified personality, sacrifice, dedication and continuing work. Gandhiji gave me the power to think, inspire action and live life in a meaningful way. There’s a verse in Ishavashyopanishad, which Gandhiji believed to be the basic foundation of Indian culture, it says - 'Kurvan Neveha Karmani Jiji Vishchichatam Samah' which means one should imagine living hundred years by doing deeds. That is why the purpose of life has been to remain constantly endeavoring to conserve and enhance natural resources and bring women into the mainstream of society.

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