Mr. Arun Jaitley

  • 2017 Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs, Government of India, Chief Guest

I think the first element you have, to fight poverty in India, is that the society must have resources to fight poverty.You need a high level of growth. Growth brings resources. So the policy of the State which achieves a higher level of growth is absolutely necessary. But, will that growth itself alone remove poverty? The answer obviously is no. If growth alone won’t remove poverty, the benefits of that additional resource, which the State has, then has to get transferred through various poverty alleviation schemes to the area which are deprived.

And then, you require the social activism of these people to continue to flack the plight of those people to work in those areas, to knock at the heads of the policymakers and bring these people into the forefront. And then, after effort of years and decades, we are actually able to pull them out of their present conditions of destitution. And I think, whether its Governments, Center or States, or its civil society, let us all resolve to work in this direction. And I am sure; we can then ensure that India itself would be a much better place to live in.

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