Ms. Anne Ferrer

  • 2015 Recipient, Development & Welfare of Women and Children Award

Working with a very small group of local volunteers and almost without funds we set about the seemingly impossible task of trying to bring hope back into people’s lives and more important than that, that they themselves can be the ones to bring that change and be the leaders of their own development.

My dear friends, it has never ceased to amaze me how much can be achieved with great faith and determination. I have witnessed an amazing progress in families who many years ago were shackled in poverty, and ignorance. People now believe that education is one of their inalienable rights, both for boys and girls and 100% of girls and boys are in school.

Girls and boys are reaching university, getting good jobs and supporting their families. Women are strong individually and in groups, having their own income and as a group acting against such social customs as early marriages, preference for boys and forced abortions.

People now live with hope and have witnessed the change they never thought was possible. Now people who have received so much support during more than 40 years are giving back.

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