Dr. Anil Prakash Joshi

  • 2006 Recipient, Application of Science & Technology for Rural Development Award

Since India has two major features like rural dominance and agricultural economy, our focus should have been more on integration of the two. Resource knowledge, status and technology are important factors for the development of rural India. Rural folk have largely been ignorant to this fact, as they were confined to their immediate livelihood incomes they have been gaining through manual labour. There is not approximation of resources rural villages are endowed with. Inventory and status of resources would have guided us for diverse economic productivity of rural India.

Economic activities here can only be agro based, as land is the only asset here. Resources being are natural and generated, are simply community based and controlled more by villagers. Therefore, economic footing here should focus upon resources governed by community. Complete resources knowledge, technologies for resource use and rural market, which hitherto is invaded by the products made elsewhere, should be first concern of development.

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