Prof. Amartya Sen

  • 2005 Nobel Laureate, Chief Guest

So, what is the relevance of Gandhian values in the wide world today? The aspect of Gandhian values that tend to receive most attention, not surprisingly, is the practice of non-violence. Gandhiji’s championing of non-violence, even when facing a violent adversary, has stimulated public reflection and kindled political action in different forms right across the world. Not least of Gandhiji’s influences can be seen in the way courageous and visionary political leaders in many other countries, including such luminaries as Martin Luther King in the United States and Nelson Mandela in South Africa have been inspired by Gandhiji’s ideas and values. The violence that is endemic in the contemporary world makes the commitment to non-violence particularly challenging and difficult, but it also makes that priority especially important and urgent.

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