Mr. Pranab Mukherjee

  • 2013 President of India, Chief Guest

I would not just congratulate them but would like to express my deep appreciation for their work. At the same time, I appreciate the recognition given by Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation in choosing these selfless contributors to the development of the society. I am sure the award winners will provide us the leadership for selfless sacrifice for the cause of humanity.

Till there are people like these who are working silently, selflessly for the advancement of society, we will continue to have that faith.

If one goes through the life of Jamnalal Bajaj one would recognize the tremendous influence that Gandhiji had on him, and also that which he had on Gandhiji.ShriJamanlal inspired his whole family to imbibe the Gandhian way of life.

We should not forget the values advocated by Gandhiji such as love for motherland, respect for women, etc.

I am concerned over the frequent disruptions in legislatures and law-makers resorting to such acts are causing great disservice to people.After obtaining people's mandate, we start misbehaving. If we do not discharge our minimum responsibility and try to gag others by resorting to disruption, I do feel we are causing a great deal of disservice to the people.

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