Dr. Justice Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari

Someone asked me a question that why the basis of all these awards have been associated with the thoughts of Gandhiji? It was said that science or technology are neutral or impartial. How are they related to the ideology of Gandhiji? Through my humble introduction, I just wish to say that if there is no sensitivity and human element involved in neutrality, then it is meaningless. A stone is not neutral; it is ‘insensitive’ and heartless. Mahatma Gandhi has considered ‘Science without sensitivity’ as a social evil. It is an eternal question. Will science be strengthening the human strength or will it destroy it and replace the human being. These awards are for services in the fields of Science, Science + Philosophy or Humanity, which I call Science + Gandhi. All these awards are given for human welfare. It is the installation of Gandhi ideology, which is more important.

This is the speciality of the Constructive programmes of Gandhiji. But unfortunately, the number of people who consider Gandhiji as irrelevant or ‘out-dated’ is on the rise. This is the real matter of concern. The right question is how long will the gentlemen be sleeping? Are the evil people allowed to be active?

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